Over the course of 2 years CTC developed and executed a strategy that doubled EvoShield’s yearly online revenue and increased their direct to consumer relationships by 3 x’s.



Who is EvoShield?


Keeping Athletes In The Game Through Game Changing Protective Apparel.



Customer Persona

With EvoShield we worked to identify their ideal customer through segment testing and generated powerful product market fit.  That target consumer is young male athletes, between the age of 13-18.

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Identifying Influencers

We chose influencers for EvoShield that were creditable and cool to young athletes.  By selecting influencers with massive credibility that were viewed as cool, up and coming athletes within their sport, this allowed EvoShield to grow extremely virally within a young demographic.


Robert Griffin III


Develop the Assets

For EvoShield, CTC developed each individual product campaign, social media launch and management from the ground up.  For each campaign or product launch CTC developed assets which included video campaigns, photoshoots, ambassador signings, website refresh, ad creation, and social content.

Video Content


Sales Tools

Social Content



Distribute the Content

EvoShields growth was fueled by the development of powerful, targeted social advertising campaigns created by CTC. Once all the assets were created for each campaign the content was distributed into pre-defined and tested segments based around each product launches identifiable consumer. Ad campaigns are managed and adjusted on a day to day bases during the distribution phase.  Once a key demographic, or piece of creative begins to outperform other ad sets all available ad budget is focused to maximize the sales of each campaign.