We’re Hiring!

Things are expanding at CTC and we now have SEVEN open positions. Taylor shares which positions we’re hiring for and asks for your help.


The best people we’ve hired have been recommended to us, so whether you want to join us on a team or join us in the search, we appreciate it!

Work That Matters

At CTC, we want to help entrepreneurs follow and achieve their dreams through e-commerce.

Account Manager, digital marketing, online sales agency, advertising

“I love working at CTC because the company culture is AWESOME! CTC promotes employee creativity and we’re given the freedom to try new things while also be prepared with the tools to succeed and grow professionally and personally. If you want to be part of a trendy, fun, and tech-savvy company this is the place to be!”

Caitlin Thomason, Account Manager

Graphic Designer, digital marketing, online sales agency, advertising

“Being part of the CTC team is quite possibly the most fulfilling professional experience I have ever had. The freedom to create and the diversity of brands we work with make being a designer at CTC a dream job. In addition to the intriguing work we produce, the ownership has developed the most inspiring programs that invest in us as individuals as well as professionals. It’s a happy family here.”

Robbie Aronson, Graphic Designer

Digital Marketing Strategist, digital marketing, online sales agency, advertising

“Working at CTC has been a breath of fresh air. I’m very analytical with my approach to most things and and our focus on the results is very satisfying. I appreciate that we focus on driving sales for clients, rather than simply doing work and billing hours. It’s very easy to see the passion that each of us has for driving success for both our clients and our company.”

Greg McCoy, Digital Marketing Specialist

Tell Me Your Dreams (TMYD)

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.” – Albert Einstein


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we believe that everyone on our team has a dream to be pursued, whether personal or professional. Just like how we want our clients to achieve their dreams, we want our team to have the opportunity to do the same with Tell Me Your Dreams. Every two weeks or so, each of our team members meets with upper management to work through exercises and engage in conversations meant to help them pinpoint their dreams and strategize around how best to make steps toward achieving them. By fostering a culture of dreaming and then doing, we hope to help our team members improve their lives and achieve their dreams, whatever they are.


Teach Me Tuesday

Teach Me Tuesday was born out of a desire to challenge each member of our team to grow. We can learn so much from each other, and Teach Me Tuesday is the arena to do just that. Each Tuesday, one of our CTC team members is tasked with the responsibility of presenting a lesson they’ve learned in the last couple months that would impact the group in a positive way. The topics will vary, ranging from Purposeful Procrastination to Being 50% Kanye, but the theme of personal growth will stay the same. Find some of our previous Teach Me Tuesday lessons here.

CTC Cares

It is important for us that we give back. CTC Cares is the philanthropic initiative we engage with every quarter. We come alongside a nonprofit or charitable organization and offer our services pro bono. Some past initiatives include work with Home4Good Realty, Operation JumpStart, among others.


We offer competitive benefits and compensation, flexible vacation policies, unparalleled development programs, and an opportunity to collaborate on teams with experts in their respective fields.

A Day in the Life

Every single day at CTC is different, but some common occurrences around the office here include (but are not limited to)…


• Rousing games of P.I.G. on the basketball hoops

• The smell of Chipotle or Portola coffee during lunch meetings in our common area

• The occasional office “mascot” (we’re dog-lovers here)

• Singing before our morning meetings courtesy of our graphic designer.


Common Thread Collective
1701 Quali Street, Suite 400, Newport Beach, CA 92660

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Account Strategist

Account Strategist Responsibilities

Our Account Strategist will be responsible for the development, execution, and success of digital strategies across multiple accounts and projects. You will need to be well-versed in social media, search, online advertising, mobile, integrated campaigns, content, analytics, and optimization. You will also be expected to identify emerging technologies and trends to support clients’ objectives.

The Account Strategist acts as the top of the online sales funnel driving traffic to the sites of our customers through digital advertising. You should be comfortable working closely with internal/external teams to develop and execute strategic digital advertising programs to support clients’ objectives. You will take an active and supporting role in the ideation, development, and iteration of digital campaigns and online experiences. You’ll be a relentless learner and will educate our team on new technology and trends in the digital space; and you’ll also be responsible for helping educate Common Thread Collective internally on new digital opportunities for clients and guiding on how current marketing and communications programs can be enhanced through technology. You’ll be expected to participate in new business development through internal marketing efforts, events, and the application of campaign development and measurement.


If applying for this position, you must be highly analytical and love working with numbers, statistics, and probabilities. You should also have extensive experience in the digital marketing world and a solid understanding of brand marketing and customer service. You must be able to work on multiple projects with excellent communication skills and close attention to detail. Proficiency in Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Power Editor, Twitter Ad Interface, Pinterest Ad Interface, Google Adwords, Google Analytics. High proficiency in data analysis and Excel, Numbers, and Google Sheets. Experience with other digital ad platforms is a plus.

*To be considered, please provide us with a cover letter on why you are interested in working at Common Thread Collective along with your resume.